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Millard Cooper Park Pavilion Rental Form

  1. The parks are open from dawn to dusk.  Rentals cannot occur outside these open hours.

  2. No More than 50.  Please see note in rules about maximum party sizes.

  3. Pavilion Requested
  4. Pavilion #1 is closer to the bathrooms and parking lot

    Pavilion #2 is closer to the playground

    Both pavilions are the same size and hold the same number of people.  They are similar distances to the splash pad.

  5. Rental Rules

    A person may call to inquire about a date for a rental and may place their name on the calendar as pending to hold the rental until payment is submitted. Payment must be submitted within 14 days of a hold. At the expiration of 14 days, if payment has not been received by the Town, the hold will be removed, and the date will be reopened to the public.

    Rentals are for a full day, from dawn until dusk. Rental applications will not be approved for outside of the park open hours.

    For rentals over 50 people, a Special Events Permit is required. Special Events will not be approved in Millard Cooper Park between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

    Refunds will be given as long as the renter alerts the Town to their cancellation at least 24 hours in advance of the rental. For rentals on Sunday, the Town must be made aware by 4 PM on the Friday before the rental. Refund checks will be mailed to the address on the rental application.

    The following is prohibited in all Town Parks and Pavilions:

    • Willfully marking, defacing, disfiguring, tampering, or removal of any structure, equipment, facilities, park property, or other
    • Damaging, cutting, carving, transplanting, or removal of any trees or plants
    • Digging holes or removing trees, shrubs, or plants
    • Erecting any temporary or permanent structure, including tents, pop-ups, and bounce houses, without prior written permission from the Town
    • Fires are prohibited except in the provided charcoal grills
    • Alcohol of any kind is prohibited

    All trash must be cleaned up by the renter before the end of the rental. Trashcans and dumpsters are available in the parks for use. If the grills were used, the coals must be taken with you and disposed of properly.

  6. By typing your name in this box, you agree to abide by the above rules.  The Town of Sykesville reserves the right to cancel any pavilion rental with no refund at any time if these rules are not followed.  Failure to follow the rules may also result in a ban from renting a Park Pavilion in the future.

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