Schoolhouse Oral History Project

Telling Your Story: The Schoolhouse Oral History Project
To help meet one of the Museum’s goals of becoming a living history site, we are collecting oral histories on tape from community members. From the beginning of the project, we have been seeking former students, teachers, trustees, their family and friends who may have stories to share about the community or schooling during the era of segregation as well as the Schoolhouse itself.

As we visit and interview volunteers, we continue to construct a picture of life at the school and in the surrounding community. We will ask about personal recollections, school day activities, when they attended the school and even what name the school was known by in the community. The combination of all these treasured stories will help bring the experience of visiting the Schoolhouse to life.

Anyone with memories that they might consider sharing is welcome. All interviews are confidential and, if you prefer, you may share your story anonymously.