Ongoing Projects

The Town of Sykesville is working on projects!  Check out the current projects below.   This page will be updated when there is new information for any project. 

Millard Cooper Park

  • Zip Line
    The zipline feature was installed in 2020 as part of the new playground construction.  During its brief use, the cable has failed or nearly failed several times and is currently down until the cause is determined.  We are working with the manufacturer of this equipment to have them complete additional testing and make the necessary improvements to prevent this cable failure from happening in the future.  The time line to complete these tests given by the manufacturer is estimated to be several more weeks.  We appreciate the positive feedback the community has given on the zipline and the patience being shown as we work to ensure the equipment properly repaired.  Once we have a date for reinstallation, we will post it here.  
  • Splash Pad
    We are very excited for the splash pad, and we know you are too!  Right now, we are working with BGE to install the necessary electrical service to run the splash pad.  Once the electrical work is finished, we will go through the county and state inspection process.  We hope to have the splash pad opened during the summer of 2021.  An official grand opening will be scheduled for spring of 2022.

Linear Trail

  • Upgrades coming soon!  Plans are in place to repair or replace approximately 600 linear feet of asphalt trail adjacent to the Brandenburg Circle entrance to the Trail.  Rehabilitation or replacement of the six exercise stations along this section of trail is also being planned.

Road Paving

  • The road repaving request for proposals has been released.  If you would like a copy or have any questions, please contact the Town at
  • The roads to be repaved are:
    Norris Avenue between Kalorama Road and Brandenburg Circle.
    Braemar Court.
    Second Avenue between Kalorama Road and Oklahoma Avenue.